image006MicroHerbs are easy to grow, space saving vegies and herbs.

They are:

  • quick growing
  • intensely flavoured
  • water and sunlight thriving
  • a powerhouse of nutrient density
  • perfect for keeping on your window sill or                outdoor table
  • wonderful and hardy “plant-pets” for kids

A wonderful taste sensation when added to any dish or snack

About our MicroHerb Garden

Each MircroHerb Garden pack contains seeds, vermiculite, soil formulated for maximum growth, growing pots plus a garden basket (available in 4 colours) for clean and easy placement on a window sill or patio table. Just add water and sunlight!

MicroHerb GardensYour Taster Pack contains:

  • Rocket – a little bit of zing
  • Mizuna – a mild flavour (kid friendly)
  • Red Chard – a sweet beetroot flavour (a family favourite)

A Growing Guide is provided with each garden plus there’s more info coming soon to our website. Each seed pack contains enough seed for up to 6 crops.

Our gardens are able to withstand being watered 6 times a day – enough for even the most enthusiastic young gardener!

Our MicroHerb Pack.

There was great consideration given to creating our  Pack.

  • Ease of use, taste and variety when using in your home kitchen.
  • Fast germination (1-4 days) & Rapid growth (5-14 days from sowing the seeds until harvesting).
  • Often re-growth may occur after cropping. Each herb has unique characteristics for kids’ interests to monitor.
  • MicroHerbs are on the highest scale of nutrient density – antioxidents & phenolic compounds in particular.


Kids will enjoy the instant gratification of watching their own grow before their eyes!
(Well, almost…)

MicroHerb Gardens