Our fun and educational cooking courses are a great way to introduce your kids to healthy eating. Our school-aged course is for all kids from Year 1 -10.
Our term classes are not operating this term. Register your interest by emailing us. info@whats2eat.com.au

We focus on expanding the range of foods eaten  and prepared by children of all ages.



About the Courses

In our classes, kids are fully involved in every stage of cooking, from harvesting seasonal crops from
our vegie patch to learning fun food facts. They are encouraged to smell, touch, cook and taste a wide range of recipes they make themselves. We believe that exposing kids to good eating habits and teaching them to make healthy food choices is essential – they will reap the benefits for the rest of their lives.

During the lessons they learn to:

  • Work as a team – just like meal preparation times at home should be.
  • Clean-up after themselves.
  • A range of cooking skills. Safe food handling and hygiene.
  • Try new tastes and textures.
  • Avoid foods high in salt, fat and sugar – all while learning how to make better choices.
  • Include more fruit and vegetables in easy-to-make recipes.
  • Use more whole grains, seeds, dried fruit and nuts when selecting snacks.

All cooking is nut-free (but nuts are included in our recipes as optional) and any other allergies can be accommodated. Recipes are often also suitable as after school snacks, or as foods to add to their lunch boxes.