MicroHerbs are intensely flavoured, mass planted, quick growing plant varieties of familiar veggies and herbs.

MicroHerb Gardens

About Our MicroHerb Gardens

Each MicroHerb Garden pack contains seeds – Rocket, Mizuna & Kale , soil formulated for maximum growth, 3 growing pots, plus a garden basket (available in 4 colours) for clean and easy placement on a window sill or patio table.

  • A growing guide is provided with each garden plus info on each MicroHerb.
  • Each seed pack contains enough seeds to grow 2 crops.

MicroHerb Gardens

Our MicroHerbs are able to withstand being watered 10 times a day – enough for even the most enthusiastic young gardener!

Kids in particular will enjoy the instant gratification of watching their own garden grow before their eyes (well almost).

Our MicroHerb Pack

There was great consideration given to creating our Pack:

  • Ease of use, taste and variety when using in your home kitchen.
  • Fast germination (3 to 7 days)
  • Rapid growth (7-21 days from sowing seed till harvesting)
  • Minimum of 2 harvests from each crop; some will continue for 6 harvests.
  • MicroHerbs are on the highest scale of nutrient density; antioxidants and phenolic compounds in particular.

image006Our Pack contains:

  • Rocket – A little bit of zing.
  • Mizuna – Pretty and mild flavour; kid friendly.
  • Red Chard – A sweet beet flavour and great colour.

Stay tuned to facebook and this page for tips and tricks for growing and using your new herbs in the kitchen.

MicroHerb Gardens