Our classes run from Monday -Friday between our 2 venues  during the July school holidays . We offer a range of options for different ages and skill levels – Single Class (1.5 hrs)  ; Maxi Class (2.5 hrs) at both our Wanneroo & Shenton Park.


The Sept/Oct Holiday Timetable is now live – Book Now

Parents’ can drop off school-aged children  as  extra supervision is not needed but all parents’ have the option of staying for any class.

All Parents’ of younger children (3-5yrs) must stay for the class.

Please ensure your child is not hungry on arrival as we do not eat for over on hour.

We offer gift vouchers for all our Classes.

Holiday Cooking Maxi Classes.

We can help your child conquer fussy eating, boost their self-confidence and gain lifelong healthy eating habits. Our cooking classes are hands-on with the kids, involving them in every stage – from harvesting foods in the garden to peeling, grating, mixing, chopping and cooking their ingredients in the kitchen. In this way, the children gain ownership of their food and are more willing to try new things. You will be surprised at the results! During the lesson they learn to:

  • Work as a team – just like meal preparation times at home should be.
  • Clean-up after themselves.
  • Try new tastes and textures.
  • Avoid foods high in salt, fat and sugar. We provide suggestions to replace these foods.
  • Include more fruit and vegetables in easy-to-make recipes.
  • Use more whole grains, seeds & dried fruit when selecting snacks. All classes are nut free and are mentioned as optional in our recipes.
  • Our recipes are often suitable for lunch boxes and after school snack -” Often times when they do your head in!”

We encourage all children to use their new found skills and recipes at home.  Please encourage your children to ask “What can I do to help?” when you are in the kitchen. You may be surprise how many tasks they can achieve.