What’s 2 Eat? are offering MicroHerb Gardens as a Fundraiser for any Community Group or School.

Our core ethos is promoting better health outcomes throughout the greater community.

The cost of a MicroHerb Garden is only $20 (including all fees) with $5 from each pack sold going to support Host organisations.

What’s 2 Eat? are also offering sales target rewards (Cooking Class Vouchers) to reflect our commitment  to supporting health in the community and to assist sales:

100 packs
5 vouchers
200 packs
10 vouchers
300 packs
25 vouchers

MicroHerb Gardens are an economical and convenient way to:

  • Have your children trying new fresh flavours
  • Involve your children in growing food. Gaining ownership by growing and cooking food encourages them to be more accepting across a wider range of tastes and textures.
  • Enjoy having fresh herbs on hand to use in recipes and gain extensive health benefits.
  • Encourage the raising of funds within the greater community. Even singles who often avoid purchasing herbs can now ensure freshness by growing their own.

How it works

This fundraiser can be run for any not-for-profit organisation, school, kindy, or play group.

What’s 2 Eat? will support your committee from start to finish when running your fundraiser. We have everything in place for:

  • Online ordering and payment via TryBooking. This is easy to find and follow from whats2eat.com.au.
  • E-newsletter flyer for your newsletter with links to our website.
  • A4 posters will be provided to remind buyers of order deadlines and delivery dates.
  • Extensive tips and  tricks on the use and growing of MicroHerbs through our website and facebook.
  • Independent reporting on sales activity is available for your committee via TryBooking.
  • Free delivery to your school or organisation’s host venue is offered for orders of over 100 units. Orders can also be collected from our Wanneroo Venue by appointment. Alternative delivery can be arranged.

Your role as a committee is to facilitate promotion. This project is designed to encourage sales from the community at large, so the burden doesn’t fall on parents (AGAIN). We have found extensive promotion is critical to the fundraiser’s success – through newsletters and strategic use of social media, e.g. encouraging the parent community to share on Facebook or promotion through parent workplace. We will, of course, also do our best to provide any support requested.

Our team takes great pride in the quality of our customer support. Our contact details will be on all publications and should be the first point of call for any queries.

Host this fantastic fundraising opportunity by linking to our contact page.

Please do not hesitate to approach us with any questions.

E: info@whats2eat.com.au | T: (08) 6201 5054