What’s 2 Eat have a fun and creative approach to cooking and all kids learn to make better food choices when on a journey with us. We use wholesome fresh ingredients and fewer foods with additives in our delicious kid-friendly recipes. We can help your kids conquer fussy eating, boost their self-confidence and gain lifelong healthy eating habits. Read further to find out more about our hands-on kids classes, parties and more. All our cooking is nut-free, and any other allergies can be catered for.

Latest News:

Current Course Bookings and classes for Ages  3-5  have very few vacancies – Contact us NOW for the last few places or perhaps suggest we open-up more times/date. Ph 6201 5054.   April Timetable

Healthy Cooking PartiesLearn More…

Our Junior Cooking Parties for kids aged 3–6 are hosted in our Wanneroo Kitchens. Kids learn to bake a healthy cake in a flower pot and have fun decorating the pot ready to take home. Heaps of wholesome homemade party food is provided plus carefully selected shop-bought snacks. Now add fun party games and a birthday cake and the celebration is complete.

For school-aged kids, What’s 2 Eat? offers boutique-sized birthday parties at our Wanneroo Kitchen. A unique healthy alternative where kids’ participation will equal fun for all involved. From the games to cooking healthy treats, the kids can let their creative juices flow. We guarantee the party will be heaps of fun with good food choices for all!

Term-Time CoursesLearn More…

Our cooking classes involve the kids in every stage – from harvesting foods in the garden to peeling, grating, mixing, chopping and cooking their ingredients in the kitchen. Kids are exposed to smelling, touching, cooking and tasting fresh wholesome foods. They are shown how to use kitchen utensils and appliances in a safe way. Aprons are provided for use during the class.

Our Kindy (ages 3-5) classes are held during school hours, while our school-age classes take place from 4pm onwards.

Holiday ClassesLearn More…

This is an ideal opportunity for children to learn heaps while having fun. We focus on the kids making healthy after-school snacks and lunch-box fillers. Classes for the next school holiday start on the 14th of April. Out Timetable